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 JAS F.C.  is a developmental training program founded by Jasmyne Spencer.  It debuted in October 2016. Built on her 5 pillars of success...

   Love the Game                       Play with Passion                         Work for the Team                

                              Make sacrifices                              Never Give Up 

Jasmyne hopes to encourage kids to be true to themselves while enriching them in the sport of soccer.  JAS F.C. clinics aim to continue the development of youth players. With a decorated staff of former and current colleigate, semi-pro, and professional athletes, kids are sure to leave with increased knowledge of the game. During each clinic kids will learn how to build a good technical foundation with drills focused on ball control, passing, dribbling, and finishing. Clinics

conclude with small sided games and a Q & A session with the staff. JAS F.C. also offers private and small group training sessions. For inquires please click here. 

Inaugural JAS F.C. Clinic


“My journey with soccer has taken me all across the world and enabled me to grow so much as a person and a player. Through it all I was fortunate enough to be surrounded by an amazing support system. My family, closest friends and coaches have always believed in my journey and encouraged me to follow my dreams. I want to share my experiences and help kids be able to reach their future goals as well.”

- Jasmyne Spencer on founding JAS F.C.

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