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Spencer's Goal: Jasmyne Talks JAS F.C

Q: What is the inspiration behind JAS F.C?

A: Where I’m from, almost every kid played soccer when they were little but by the time I got to middle school it seemed like I was the only one of my friends still playing. Nowadays it seems like there’s even less opportunities available for kids to play. I founded JAS F.C to give kids in my area an opportunity to play and continue to excel in soccer. I want them to know that soccer can open up doors and create numerous opportunities for them.

Q: What are JAS F.C’s core values?

A: The core values of JAS F.C is to love the game, play with passion, work for the team, make sacrifices and never give up. I think instilling kids with these values will help them grow and success on and off the field.

Q: Is it difficult to juggle being an athlete and trying to make an impact off the field?

A: It can be challenging at times to juggle my responsibilities on the field with my passions off the field. Most of those challenges come from just finding the time to sit down and plan out events I’d like to run but being a professional athlete has given me such an amazing platform to work with to inspire the next generation and help make a difference in the world. It’s absolutely worth the occasional stressful days.

Q: What do you hope to accomplish via JAS F.C?

A: Just to inspire kids. I hope that the participants in the clinics leave feeling good about themselves and know that they can accomplish anything they set their minds to whether it’s earning a college scholarship, playing professionally, or just joining a local team to stay active and make friends.

Q: What can fans look forward to seeing?

A: I think fans can look forward to seeing JAS F.C continue to grow. Soccer has enabled me to experience so many wonderful things and I want to share that with as many people as I can. I hope that getting out there and interacting with the kids, sharing my story, and giving them the opportunity to learn from me and my staff will inspire them to stick with the sport. I want them to see all that soccer has to offer.

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